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The Third Black Sea Winemaking Forum

28.03.2016 09:35


The Third Black Sea Winemaking Forum (hereinafter “the Forum”) is a specialized comprehensive branch event, which will be held mostly in the B2B format, but this event stresses the fact that the wine industry is now driven mostly by the consumers. Nowadays the annual consumption of still and sparkling wine in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries is about 7L per capita (age +15) that is two times lower than it was in the same republics in Soviet times and several times lower than it is now in the majority of the other European states. Russia as the largest net importing country of the region produces only about 25% of total national wine production volume from the grapes grown on its own territory.

The EAEU countries consumer wine market is for sure very close to the strong growth. Here are going to be also the significant changes in the supply sector: the old beneficiaries like Moldova, Bulgaria and Georgia are not ready to give up their traditional markets where they dominated for the centuries. In Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as in some other countries of the region the ambitious national plans are developed to increase the wine production volume. Despite the falling rates of the regional currencies, the West European net exporting countries and their New World challengers are actively working to keep their market positions, which they just historically recently reached in the net importing countries of the region.